Browse Free On Facebook with other Popular Websites Using Tigo

What is Free Facebook?

Free Facebook on Tigo is the best offer in Ghana after that gives customers free access and browse popular websites for free. Customers can enjoy free Facebook access when they visit the website using any TIGO SIM from a handset (a phone or a tablet).

Who can enjoy Free Facebook?

Any prepaid or postpaid Tigo customer using a handset (a phone or a tablet) can enjoy this fantastic offer! Simply visit the Facebook website or use your Facebook mobile app and enjoy free access to Facebook! It?s that simple!

How does one use Free Facebook?

To use Free Facebook on Airtel, customers must log into their Facebook accounts on in any web browser, or using the Facebook mobile app on any smartphone, with an TIGO SIM.
To get a Facebook account, visit enter your name, your phone number or email address and create a password. In less than 5 mins, you can enjoy Facebook and get connected to your loved ones, and share your special moments absolutely free!

What is was founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with the aim of providing Internet access to everyone around the world, most especially to the two-thirds of the world?s population that doesn?t have it. It has grown into a collaboration between technology leaders, nonprofits, local communities and experts who are working together to provide affordable access to relevant content ? health, jobs, news, education, social networking ? and thereby connect the unconnected.

How does one access the service?

Customers can access the portal by visiting in any web browser, or from the app on any Android smartphone.

Are there any exceptions?

Video streaming and Voice calls on Facebook will incur regular data costs.
Viewing, downloading, and printing of material on external links other than the related services from the Facebook page will also be charged at the advertised data rates charged by Tigo Ghana.

Access to Facebook basic services and other listed services via router, modem or laptop etc is not eligible for zero-charging.

Participants who visit any directly from their browser, and without going through the portal, will incur regular data costs.

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