How to add Pattern Lock on Windows7, Windows8 and WindowsXP?

Are you bored with your default password system on your windows computer and looking for a new locking method for your Windows PC or Laptop? Then you are absolutely at the right place to get rid of the old default password protection method for your system. Pattern lock is the best thing to get rid of your old way of security system for your windows Computer.
Pattern lock is an all new security system which enables to lock your system by drawing a pattern that means if you want to unlock your system then you need to draw the pattern correctly to gain access to your system and generally we have seen pattern lock in smart phones only, but now you can apply pattern lock on your Windows 7 and windows 8 PC.
Here we have tested two patterns locking tools on our computers and felt wonderful with the tools. These tools are compatible with windows7, windows8 and windows XP. You don?t need to worry about these tools.

Add Pattern Lock on Windows 7/8/8.1/XP

Eusing Maze Lock

Eusing Maje lock is all new software that provides the pattern lock feature for your windows pc or laptop similar to touch screen smart phones or tablets. It is a totally free to use software that lets you lock your pc with your own customized pattern. Now follow the below installation guide.
  • After downloading, just simply install it on your system.
  • After complete installation it will provide you with a default pattern lock that is in the form of Z.
Now click on the reset pattern and then draw your own unlock pattern by connecting the dots together.

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