How To Enable Offline Browsing In Chrome To Browse Offline

Enable offline browsing in your Google Chrome to browse the internet when you are not connected to an internet connection and easily read your favorite article without downloading or saving them whenever you want.
Chrome is an excellent web browser and is powered by the Google. Chrome has many useful and attractive features which other browsers lacks that's why according to a survey more than 47% of the world are using the Google Chrome to access the Google (Internet). Google Chrome offers many features which have made this browser very famous. This software was launched for the most popular search engine the Google. Here is a question:-

What is different between Google and Google Chrome?

This question is mostly asked by the students to the teachers. What is different between Google and Google Chrome, so let me state this clearly that Google Chrome is a browser, Now another question arises that is what is browser, a browser is a small program which is used to access the internet while is a search engine, a search engine is a small site which collects all the sites present on the web and displays these sites when queries are asked against these sites. So, I think that now it is clear that what is different between Google and Google Chrome?

When we open the Google Chrome and search for any keywords some results are displayed and when we open that site Google (Search Engine) fetches the latest and updated version of that web page and displays the whole web page to our computer screen, it is all possible if you have an internet connection I mean if your computer is connected to the web then you can use the Google & Google Chrome otherwise it is not possible.

But there is a particular situation when we have not an internet connection i.e. when we are traveling, or our PC is disconnected from the web. And you want to read some relevant articles on the internet, now what can we do, you can read your favorite articles on the Google Chrome (Browser) easily without internet by just enabling the Offline Mode.


What is Offline Mode?

When we enable the Offline Mode from our browser every page which we visit is saved in our computer through the browser and when our internet connection is not on i.e. Wi-Fi is off the Chrome shows the message like this "It is unable to connect to the internet" but if you have enabled the Offline Mode for your Chrome each page you visit is saved, and there is an option to see the browsed pages while being offline.

How To Use Google Chrome Without Internet 2016

As I have described above that you have to enable the Offline Mode for your Google Chrome so just follow the following steps:-

 STEP 1. First of all, you must have the latest version of the Google Chrome installed on your computer because it will be best then the older one. (Download)

STEP 2. After having the latest version of the Google Chrome just open it and copy this address chrome://flags/ and paste it into the address bar and press the enter key. Now the experimental features of your Google Chrome will get opened.

STEP 3. Now press CTRL + F and type Enable Offline Load Stale Button and enable this feature. OR you can just copy this link and paste in the search bar to open the full address 

STEP 4. When you have successfully enabled this feature every page you will visit will be saved on your computer for offline browsing and you can easily access these pages when you are not connected to the internet.

So, friends this was all about; How To Enable Offline Browsing In Chrome To Browse Offline 2016, by following the above method you can save articles to read when you have no internet connection. But remember this way can be helpful when you just want to read the written article it cannot be used to store the videos and social sites like Facebook and Twitter because the images require an internet connection for loading.

I hope you have enjoyed the method to browse the Google Chrome without internet connection if you have any questions then you can ask me.

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