How To Perfectly Hide Files & Folder In Windows 7 and 10

We have lots of file and photos in our computer that we don?t want to compromise with other users and family members. Now, what you do with that type of file. The solution is to hide your sensitive data files and folders in computers.

Here we show a simple trick, how you hide your File and Folders in window computer. Follow all steps and I am sure you learn how to hide file and folders in Window Computers.

By default Window 7 not show you hidden file and folders in your Computer drives. 

1. Open Window Explorer from Double Click on My Computer icon or you can Open Window Explorer from pressing Win + E keyboard button.

2. In My Computer, click on Organize button and select Folder and search options.
3. Now you see a Dialog box in your computer screen. In the View, tab option selects the Don?t show hidden files, folder or drives button.

4. Click on Apply button and Select Ok.

If you want to see your hidden folders and file in your Computer select the second option Show hidden files, folder or drives and click on apply button. 

 1 Right Click on any File or Folder you want to hide and choose Properties button.

2. Now you see Properties of that file. You see a dialog box, below the box you see Hidden button select that and click on Apply. Now your Folder and File will be hidden in your computer completely.

For seeing your hidden file and folders go to Process 1 and select Show hidden file, folder and drive option.
If you use Window 10, you can directly Show or hide hidden items from going View tab in Menu bar.

Personally I don?t recommend you to use the third-party software because of mostly software on the internet for this purpose are freemium and come with lots of adware.
If you found working software for hiding files and folders, make sure it does not contain any type of adware and download that software from its official website.

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