How to Setup and Use WhatsApp Web Client with iPhone

 Once your devices are ready to use WhatsApp Web Client, you have another important question. How do you set up WhatsApp Web on your PC?

To set up WhatsApp Web, follow these easy steps:

1. On your computer, use one web browser to go to this site. This is the official page on the WhatsApp website for WhatsApp Web Client.

2.  Open the WhatsApp application on your phone
3. On WhatsApp on your iPhone, go to the settings tab and select WhatsApp Web. This will open up a QR code scanner feature.
4.  Use the scanner to scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen (from step 1)
5. Once the code is processed, the Web Client will appear on your computer screen.
6. You have now full access to WhatsApp through WhatsApp Web and whatsapp for pc

This process is only done one time. From now on using the Web Client, you can access WhatsApp Web on your desktop computer and get download WhatsApp for PC (Windows)

The Web Client also keeps you logged in to WhatsApp web on your desktop until you it log out.

Web Client even syncs with your iPhone so that messages appear on both devices.

In terms of actually using WhatsApp Web Client to communicate with people, you will find that the process is the same as with the smartphone app.

WhatsApp Web features the same interface and functions in basically the same way.

How to Enable and Configure Desktop Alerts

When using the Web Client to get access to WhatsApp Web, you may want to change certain settings. Specifically, the desktop alert settings.

If you want to enable desktop notifications:

1. Look for the blue banner under your WhatsApp profile picture and select ?turn on desktop notifications?.

2- The Web Client will ask to get access to desktop notifications, choose ?Allow?

To configure your desktop notifications:

    i. Select the three dot menu icon (you find it by your profile picture)
ii. An options list appears in a drop-down menu, choose ?notifications?
 iii. Here you can select or deselect both the ?desktop alerts? and ?sounds? options. You can also enable or disable notifications completely.

You should also remember though that you can sync WhatsApp Web Client with WhatsApp on your iPhone. It means that some changes that you make on the Web Client will also change on your iPhone.

This is specifically the case with muting a conversation.

When you mute a conversation on the Web Client, you also mute the conversation on your iPhone.

You can also log in and out of the Web Client using WhatsApp Web on your iPhone.

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