How To Transfer Files from Android To PC Without USB Cable [Wireless]

Just imagine that you want to transfer files from android to PC and you don?t have a USB cable, what will you do now ?
You may use Bluetooth but it is too slow and I know you will not like to waste your time on it. So guys I have brought an awesome trick to transfer files from android to PC without USB cable through WiFi. Without buying any extra accessories you can do that. By using this trick you can easily transfer document like images, photos, music, Apps, videos etc without USB cable with high speed by using an easy App.

There are many Apps available to perform this task but the App which I have brought works smooth without any problem and it is totally free. To transfer files from android to PC without USB cable we gonna use an App called Xender.
Xender is the most used App for transferring files between Android to PC or Android to Android. It has over millions of users worldwide. It supports Android, Windows, iOS crossed platform transferring. Apart from that you can also view, edit or delete the files of Android from PC. This App is developed by Xender Team and it has rated 4.3 stars on Google Play store. It supports Android 2.3 and up. Highly Recommended

Features of Xender

  • 200 times more transfer speed than Bluetooth. Get speed upto 10 mbps. 
  •  No need of PC driver installation. 
  •  Share all kinds of files without any limits.
  •   Easy to use features.

 Steps to use transfer files from android to PC without USB cable 

  1. First of all, Download & Install Xender App on your Android smartphone  Here
  2. Open the App and click on the small rocket located at right bottom in the screen.

3. Then choose PC/Mac option.

4. Now click on Create Hotspot and wait till it on the hotspot.

5. After than you will see an URL, note it somewhere because you will need to enter it in your PC browse

6. Now connect your PC with your Android mobile WiFi.
7. Then input the URL in your PC browser and press enter.
8. A pop-up will appear in your mobile, click on Accept.
You have successfully connected with your Android phone with PC. Now you can start transferring files between them.

9. To start transferring go to your PC browser and select Upload files to receive files from the PC or select Download to send files to your PC.

 That?s it you are done. You have successfully learned to transfer files from android to PC without USB cable.


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