How hack Facebook using Android Phone

Hello guys, In Today's Article we are going to learn how to hack  Facebook  Accounts Using Android phones , This trick is also the same as phishing which i hope a lot understand what phishing is. Most of the my readers keep asking how they can hack Facebook  with their phones, so i decided to make an Article on it. without wasting much time on it, let get started

Steps To Hack Facebook Using Android Phone

We will be using a phishing called What is is a phishing page created by Anomor which help people who wants to get the password (hack) of someone's facebook account. mind you with this type of hacking it does not automatically gives you your Vitim's  password you need to do some stuff before getting the password of the Vitim.This is the most easiest way  of  hacking Facebook with your android phone

Note: that its for educational purpose only

Now let get started with the tricks

1. You need to create an on

2. Login into your account and click on link 1 in front of Facebook.

3. It will open a new interface as shown in the screen shot below..

Now  this page  requires email and password now you need to send the link to the victims you want to hack,If your victim mistakenly login into His or Her Facebook account you will receive the both the password and the email he or she uses in login into the account. 
How to get the password of your victim 

4. You must login into your  anomor  you created

5 .Then you  click on My victim

6.There you will your  victim's password 


I hope this trick helps .....

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