Get Free 1.5gig of data from Tigo using - Tigo VOCALNO Tricks

Hello readers,  we were enjoying Tigo tribe but unlucky they've put a stop to it, now they have introduced a new one called VOCALNO.

VOCALNO works perfect. I have been enjoying this VOCALNO  for some few days now. This package comes with 1.5gig data which you will use for

whatsapp, facebook, twitter, IMO, instagram and snapchat, Tigo VOCALNO is really amazing and it's free to use without any deductions for 30days which is subjected to be renewed every month but with this, I will prompt you if it will work. I mean the renewal. You will also get 100mb for accessing the internet for 30days.  Tigo VUCALNO a great offer from tigo. With this I will show you the steps you will use in activating this Tigo VOCALNO .

Steps to activate Tigo  VOCALNO

For new users 

Send text message word this word VOLCANO to 5060
Wait for a confirmation message from tigo

For old users

Send START to 5060
Wait for a confirmation message

Note: please if you are an old user and you  use the START steps and yours wasn't successful try the VULCANO one

After receiving the above message in the above screenshot....kindly have patience and wait for the  second message like below
You are done....Enjoy !!!!!!

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