Carding Method For Beginners 2017

Hello readers whatsapp, we thank God for another great day like today's article am going to give out some simple and best way to start carding as a beginner...i have been getting a lot of messages on all my social media pages concerning carding... i can see must of them are beginners and they are all willing to learn carding...but in my previous article i gave out or let me say i listed some guidelines for all Beginners who wants to start carding and can be found here

20 Best Tips for Carding

So without wasting much time on this article  or confuse you, am going to give you the guideline you need to know and how make this your carding dream come true  so let get started with the main topic for today

Carding Method For Beginners 

1.Create a pay-pal business account
2.Go to and create an artist account
3.Upload a music in
4.Link your pay-pal account to
5.Use a price to sell your random music (10$ recomended)
6.Buy it by your self using Local or private cards

Your money will be transferred in your pay-pal account in 1-2 days

NOTE Don't make big payments! (Don't make more then 50$) 

Good Luck All.

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