List Of Free E books Every Hackers Should Have In 2017

Hello guys,What sup!Today in this article we are going to look at some free hacking
e books we need to have as an hackers...with this power eBooks below, Are some way or the other very useful or every beginner like you. so without wasting much time let look at some of them listed below..

Note:Please don't just download this eBooks list below for fun ...I will advice
you take good advantage of this books listed get started !!!

1. The first book i will be talking about is Black Hat Python:
This is one of the best eBooks i have read so far, written by Justin Seitz and i must congress, it's very useful to me.with this powerful eBook by Justin Seitz have some good Contents like

i)Setting Up Your Python Environment 
  Installing Kali Linux

ii)The Network: Basics
Python Networking in a Paragraph
TCP Client
UDP Client
TCP Server
Replacing Netcat
Kicking the Tires
Building a TCP Proxy
Kicking the Tires
SSH with Paramiko
Kicking the Tires
SSH Tunneling
Kicking the Tires

iii)The Network: Raw Sockets and Sniffing 
Building a UDP Host Discovery Tool
Packet Sniffing on Windows and Linux
Kicking the Tires
Decoding the IP Layer
Kicking the Tires
Decoding ICMP
Kicking the Tires

iv)Owning the Network with Scapy 
Stealing Email Credentials
Kicking the Tires
ARP Cache Poisoning with Scapy
Kicking the Tires
PCAP Processing
Kicking the Tires

v)Web Hackery
The Socket Library of the Web: urllib2
Mapping Open Source Web App Installations
Kicking the Tires
Brute-Forcing Directories and File Locations
Kicking the Tires
Brute-Forcing HTML Form Authentication
Kicking the Tires

vi)Extending Burp Proxy 
Setting Up
Burp Fuzzing
Kicking the Tires
Bing for Burp
Kicking the Tires
Turning Website Content into Password Gold .
Kicking the Tires

And many can download this eBook below

DOWNLOAD Black Hat Python

2. The second awesome book i will be talking about is Android Hacker-s Handbook
This is one of the great book for Android hackers i have come across so far with some good content for better  understanding this particular book was written by group of hackers.

Chapter 1 Looking at the Ecosystem 1
Understanding Android?s Roots 
Company History 
Version History 
Examining the Device Pool 
Open Source, Mostly 
Understanding Android Stakeholders 
Hardware Vendors 
Grasping Ecosystem Complexities 
Update Issues 
Security versus Openness 
Public Disclosures 

Chapter 2 Android Security Design and Architecture 25
Understanding Android System Architecture 
Understanding Security Boundaries and Enforcement 
Android?s Sandbox 
Android Permissions 
Looking Closer at the Layers 
Android Applications 
The Android Framework 
The Dalvik Virtual Machine 
User-Space Native Code 
The Kernel 
Complex Security, Complex Exploits 

Chapter 3 Rooting Your Device 57
Understanding the Partition Layout 
Determining the Partition Layout 
Understanding the Boot Process 
Accessing Download Mode 
Locked and Unlocked Boot Loaders 
Stock and Custom Recovery Images 
Rooting with an Unlocked Boot Loader 
Rooting with a Locked Boot Loader 
Gaining Root on a Booted System 
NAND Locks, Temporary Root, and Permanent Root 
Persisting a Soft Root 
History of Known Attacks 
Kernel: Wunderbar/asroot 
Recovery: Volez 
Udev: Exploid 
Adbd: RageAgainstTheCage 
Zygote: Zimperlich and Zysploit 
Ashmem: KillingInTheNameOf and psneuter 
Vold: GingerBreak 
PowerVR: levitator 
Libsysutils: zergRush 
Kernel: mempodroid 
File Permission and Symbolic Link?Related Attacks 
Adb Restore Race Condition 
Exynos4: exynos-abuse 
Diag: lit / diaggetroot\

Chapter 4 Reviewing Application Security 
Chapter 5 Understanding Android?s Attack Surface 
Chapter 6 Finding Vulnerabilities with Fuzz Testing 
Chapter 7 Debugging and Analyzing Vulnerabilities 
Chapter 8 Exploiting User Space Software 
Chapter 9 Return Oriented Programming
Chapter 10 Hacking and Attacking the Kernel 
Chapter 11 Attacking the Radio Interface Layer 
Chapter 12 Exploit Mitigations 
Chapter 13 Hardware Attacks 
Appendix A Tool Catalog 
Appendix B Open Source Repositories 
Appendix C References

DOWNLOAD Android Hacker-s Handbook 

3.The Hacker Playbook Practical Guide To Penetration Testing 1:
This is another playbook by hackers with some practical course for all beginners..
a just about the book is written below  I didn?t start one day to think that I?d write a book about penetration testing, but I kind of fell into it.
What happened was I started taking notes from penetration tests, conferences, security articles,
research, and life experiences. As my notes grew and grew, I found better and better ways to perform
repetitive tasks and I began to understand what worked and what didn?t.
As I began to teach, speak at conferences, and get involved in the security community, I felt that the
industry could benefit from my lessons learned. This book is a collection of just that. One important
thing I want to point out is that I am not a professional writer, but wrote this book as a hobby. You
may have your own preferred tools, techniques and tactics that you utilize, but that is what makes this
field great. There are often many different answers to the same question and I invite you to explore
them all. I won?t be giving a step-by-step walk through of every type of attack; so it?s your job to
continually do research, try differently methods, and see what works for you.

DOWNLOAD The Hacker Playbook Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

4.You can download the THE HACKER PLAYBOOK 2
Practical Guide To Penetration Testing by Peter Kim

DOWNLOAD The Hacker Playbook 2- Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

5. kali-book-en is one of the best operating system for hackers with different language format.....
With this type of programming language people find it difficult to understand...but this powerful book 
has just given everything into deatiles for better understanding kindly use the below bottom and download it..

that's all we have for now...but we promise we will add more books to keep you growing

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