How To Subscribe To Vodafone Ekikimi Promotion In Ghana

Good news to all Vodafone users,unfortunate we were enjoying Glo free browsing but it seems not to be working anymore lol, But don't worrying in my article for today i'm going tell you how to subscribe To Vodafone Ekikimi Promotion In Ghana so without wasting much time let get started

What is Vodafone Ekikimi

Vodafone Ekikimi is an ongoing  Promotion by Vodafone In Ghana where by 3 people can use one  Recharge card thrice at the same price. The first user uses the card by dialing the shoot code *134* pin # while the next two users uses  *135*pin #...example 

First user = *134* 674068724536288078 # 

Next two user = *134*674068724536288078 #

Steps To Subscribe To Vodafone Ekikimi Promotion 

With this awesome promotion by Vodafone Ghana you don't  need  any form of Subscription, Just follow the simple steps below and enjoy this awesome promotion from Vodafone Ghana.

  1. Buy a Vodafone (Airtime) Recharge  Card .
  2. And load the (Airtime) Recharge Card Using shoot code *134*pin # 
  3. Give the same used Recharge Card to 2 of your  friends using Vodafone Network 
  4. And have them load the same  used Recharge Card using *135*pin #
  5. They will also enjoy the same Airtime as a top up bonus
  6. Done!!

This is one of the awesome promotion by Vodafone Ghana so far,So for those wondering if it's working, the answer is Yes, its 100% working so don't be left out enjoy  the Ekikimi promotion by Vodafone Ghana.Vodafone power to you!.

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