The following nine steps can help you to disappear from the internet and then once you've created your new identity can help you to anonymously surf the internet. Even if you aren't choosing to disappear,you may want to reduce your social media footprint and your online presence after hearing about all the reports of stolen information as a result of social media.

After completing the nine steps below you will be able to deactivate your accounts, remove links to
yourself from search results and remove yourself from lists so you can stay hidden online.

The first step you need to take is to deactivate all your online social media accounts. This includes both larger sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google as well as any smaller websites you may be a part of. Moreover try as much as possible to avoid uploading too much images to these social media networks.

The second step is to search for yourself online. This will help you find the websites you may have
signed up for a long time ago, but since forgotten about. For example, a MySpace account you opened when it was first popular; but have since stopped using due to your more active Facebook account.

There are going to be certain accounts and websites where information can't be deleted. 
If this is thecase, then you should at least change the information to false information such as fake names andlocations. 
This way if someone does access these accounts they won't be able to track your location. You can even use it to develop a false trail and send those looking for you in the opposite direction.

In step four, you want to unsubscribe from any mailing lists you signed up for with your email. You can look to your email inbox and junk folder for a good starting point.

While searching for your name on Google you will find a number of links that include information about you. Contact the major search engines and ask for them to be removed. For example, Google has their own URL removal tool. However, most search engines aren't obliged to remove links; especially if the website is owned or hosted by someone other than you.

If a search engine doesn't remove links that contain information about you, then you will need to contact the websites directly and ask them to remove the references. This process is difficult and can sometimes take awhile so you will want to get this started as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there are data collection sites they are also known as data clearing houses or data brokers that collect your personal information. You may ask why they do that. Well, it is a big business, they sell those data to various internet and other marketing agencies who want to send you email or direct mail based on your shopping and other preferences based on your information. 

Let's say you have a passion for golf, you also play video games and you buy a lot of health and beauty related products from online,once these data companies enter all those data into their system along with your age, gender, and location, their unique algorithm can then come up with some unique products and services that may peak your interest. To some marketers, this information is extremely valuable, and they pay top dollar for it.

As difficult as it is to have individual websites remove your information, the most difficult process is to get a data clearing house to remove your data. Data clearinghouses are companies that collect and sell data to other firms for profit. Often you will need to have persistent phone calls and letters in order to completely have yourself removed from these lists.

Top 3 data brokers:
? Spokeo
? Crunchbase
? PeopleFinder

Contact phone companies and online directories to ask them to make your phone
number, and email addresses unlisted. Also avoid giving out your personal mobile numbers online.

Lastly, after you have successfully removed yourself from online public areas; you need to take yourself away from the internet. Do this by deleting all your email accounts.
Once you have removed yourself from online, if you want to stay hidden and yet still use the internet
you are going to have to be very careful. 

You will need to learn to master reputation management, learn to use dummy accounts and take advantage of anonymous searches.
While disappearing from the internet isn't for everyone, it can be a good way to free up your life.

 If you are serious about protecting your privacy, security and reputation then you definitely want to consider making yourself invisible online.
Stay hidden and keep yourself private online.  

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