Photomath App ? Solve your Maths Problem by clicking sums Photos

Hey guys, here in this post we would be talking about a great App called photomath. It is the smartest and the most powerful camera calculator. This App is insane. lol it you can solve math problem in just few seconds, all you have to do is click of the equation and photomath will give you solution with each and every step shown and if you have any doubt about the single step you can click on it and know in-depth explanation. I have used this App personally and I use it frequently to check answers from my maths textbook. It works on basic arithmetic, linear equations in one variable, quadratic equations, and basic trigonometry. Many new features have been added on version 2.0. The developer of the App is Photomath Inc. And it is rated 4.4 stars on Google Play store. Its supports Android 4.1 and up.

Features Photomath

 1. Fast solutions.

 2. Powerful math keyboard.

3.Step by step solutions.

4. Beautiful design and easy to use features.

5. Its supports Logarithms, Equations, Arithmetics, Fractions, Linear Equations etc.

 And Many More?

Steps to use Photomath App

 1. First of all, Download & Install Photomath Apk  Here

2. Locate the equation inside frame while holding the phone directly above.

3. You can drag to adjust the shape and size of the frame as per your comfort.

4. The result will appear on the screen in red.

5. Click on the arrow to see how to solve. You can tap the arrow buttons or swipe up and down to view the steps.

 That?s it you are done. By using photomath App you can easily solve your math problems by clicking its problem.

 Enjoy floks

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