Turn on Windows Firewall -Protect you from malicious network activity

Computer and Internet is not safer this time,because there are many hackers and crackers wanna hack your system. So here I give you a small tip,this tip make a shield between you and hackers.
In Windows a Firewall can a first blockage for hackers, so I recommend you always this thing turned on.
Windows Firewall is like a strong shield ,this shield protect you from every type of attacks against your computer.
 A firewall is not a antivirus. This is network shield and network filter software.

Your Windows firewall should be enabled by default, but if you?re worried that you?re not protected, here?s how to turn on your PC?s firewall.

Steps to Enable Windows Firewall

1. Press Window Button and type Enable Firewall.

2. Suddenly a result come in top Check firewall Status, click on that.

 3. A Dialog Box open ,now left side you see that
Turn Windows Firewall On or Off option click on that.

 4. Select the Turn on Windows Firewall for both Private Network Settings and Public Network Settings.
When you enabling the firewall for both networks,your computer protects you from harmful activity come from the open Internet.

 So I recommend you always check your firewall its opened or not because some malicious software disable your windows firewall.

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