when it comes to modem unlocking a lot of people find it difficult to
unlock their modems,they end up giving their modem's to people for help and
at the end of it you will be ask to pay some amout of money.but in this post i am going to
show you how you can unlock your modem using DC-UNLOCK your self.

Let get started 

1.before you  can unlock your modem you need to have a computer (Pc)
and a software DC-UNLOCKER for the unlocking you can download
the DC-UNLOCKER software HERE

2.After downloading the DC-UNLOCKER software open it

3.Type in your username and a password to unlock software

4.Insert your modem to your computer(Pc) and click on the magnifier to
detect your modem,if it fails to detect then click manuel and detect it
by yourself.

5.After your modem has been detected,click "do job at the right hand side on DC-UNLOCKER

6.Now click read unlock code and write auto write to modem,that is when your modem was detected in auto

7.Choose generate unlock code  by imei if your modem was detected manuelly

8.After you generate the code,insert a different sim from other operating network and input the code you
generated to unlock your modem....


Let me have your cooment if you enjoy the lesson

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