Top five (5) apps that's turns your Android device into hacking phone

zANTI - Mobile Security Rise Assessment: zANTI is a penetration testing toolkit for cyber security professionals.its
also allows you to simulate malicious attacks on a can use zANTI
in creating a malicious WiFi hotpot,Hijacking HTTP sessions,Modifying HTTP requests and responses.
Exploiting routers,checking a device for shell shock and SSL poodle vulnerability,capturing downloads,changing
device's MAC address etc

WiFi Kill: this another powerful tool,basically its controls the WiFi network,it can also disable
the internet connection of other devices connected to same WiFi is a useful tool for
WiFi internet users, using the powerful tool can prevent others off from a common WiFi network and set aside all the bandwidth
to yourself.this very up is for rooted Android app use this app
mark the tic on "unknown source" in settings of the phone and open the downloaded app and install it,ready to use
Whats-app Sniffer: Whats-app Sniffer is an Android app that allows you to receive the conversations from whats-app application from
phones that uses the same WiFi  with you with this app you can receive text messages , videos pictures as well this app only works with rooted phones its a free app you can download from place-store it used be use for educational and personal use only.

cSploit: is an Android app that opens Android network analysis and penetration suite,it is the best and advanced professional toolkit for internet
security assess in mobile phones. it works rooted Android version 2.4 or newer vision with this app you can

  •  map your local network
  •  integrated trace rout
  •  adjust exploit settings,lunch and create shell console on exploited system
  • capturing pcap network  traffic files etc

Face Niff : is an Android app for hackers (newbies) who wants to sniff and 
analyse web session profiles over WiFi connection.which simply means you
can use this app only when you are on the same WiFi connection

NOTE: there are thousands of hacking app out there but we have only worked on this five app for now......

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