For every entrepreneur who wants to make money online these are the best steps you could
take to make money online....we the steps given below,  people make  millions with it,they are dozens
who invert years of their life into companies that ultimately fail,sometimes bankrupting them in the process but am not saying this to discourage you....but with the follow steps you will be able make millions dollars depending on effort you will put up...Now let get started with the main topic we have today...



Start blogging as a part time worker. Choose the topic which you are good at or familiar with. 
Blogging will helps you  learn a lot on the internet. Blogging is suitable for people who love to 
write through typing and who wish to share their knowledge. You can earn money through 

i) Monetizing with CPC OR CPM ADS: the CPC ADS simply means Cost per click also known as pay per click and the Ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebars.Each time a reader click on the ad, you will be paid for that click and CPM ADS or cost per 1,000 impressions are the ads that pay you fixed amount of money based on how many people viewed your ads.

ii) Affiliate Marketing: affiliate marketing is another great way to Monetize your blog...if an advertiser has a product he or she wants to sell.he/she will go on agreement to you pay a commission from each sale if the buyer is coming from your blog site.also he or she has a unique link that tracks your affiliate code in that way he or she knows when a buyer use your link to make a purchase 
iii) You can also sell digital Products  by selling online courses, eBooks etc.

Starting a YouTube channel is the most easiest way to earn money with no investments. 
You can start a YouTube Channel in few minutes, but before get started with a YouTube channel you a need Google account. You can create any videos using Soft wares on your pc or  Camera. You can earn money by  applying Google Ad-sense your YouTube videos, promoting others product on your channel. You can really make huge money in a few  months by getting a lot of views and subscribers,you can click the below link to know the steps in creating a YouTube channel.How to set a YouTube blog.


Affiliate marketing is when you refer someone to buy a product or services through a link on your blog to in a process affiliate code , with  this marketing you will earn some money as commissions from each sale if the buyer is coming from your blog site. This requires marketing skills, you should be a good marketer. You can promote your affiliate links through Facebook, Whatsapp, Blog, YouTube. You can find products on Clickbank, Shareasale etc. There are many affiliate products available. Even Google, Microsoft has some affiliate products as well.

You can buy and sell websites from website designer/developers,You can earn a some amount of money through this as well. and are the sites where you can buy and sell domains. You don?t need any technical knowledge.You need to research on which is the trending name. You can buy the domain for less price and sell it for more price.  It depends on your research. You need to have some knowledge about the names which are trending.


If you have an experience in photography you can start this instantly. People who have passion on photography can achieve in this field. A various site are ready to buy your photos. Some of them are iStockPhoto, SmugMug. Creativity is very important. You can start your own website to sell your photographs.

 You can leave a Comment below if you need any help. We will be of help  if  you want to be a  successful entrepreneur. Thanks reading

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