Hacking Facebook , Twitter accounts Using WI-FI

Today is yet another day with another awesome trick, and  with this tricks we  will be learning how to hack Facebook , Twitter accounts Using WI-FI. Well i know some might know this awesome trick and they can testify how it works,To those who are new to hacking Facebook and Twitter, Just have a coffee of tea and relax. In today article we are not going to use phishing method !,we will be using an extension called Firesheep .

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What is Firesheep ?

Answer by Wikipedia : Firesheep is an extension for the Firefox web browser that uses a packet sniffer to intercept unencrypted session cookies from websites such as Facebook and twitter.The plugin eavesdrops on WI-FI communication listening for session cookies.i guess you now what Firesheep is, so without beating about the bush let's get started.

Hacking Facebook , Twitter accounts Using WI-FI

Note : Only For Educational Propose.>!!!

1. We first need to download Firesheep extension and install it in our Firefox browser you can download Firesheep extension here.

2. After  installing Firesheep extension it will open a sidebar window into your Firefox browser.

3. This  will show all the people who are connected to the unsecured WiFi network.Once they login into your Facebook or twitter account you will get a notification and with a single click you can login into their account.

This whole thing works on the technique of cookie hijacking.Once your session cookie is hacked then anybody can login into your account. These cookies can be easily caputered on unsecured WiFi network.

How to Prevent Your self from hijacking The best way to protect yourself from such a hacking trick is to avoid using your Facebook or twitter accounts on unsecured WiFi networks as it is a security lapse from the websites not on your side.or you can enable safe  browsing in Facebook just go to account settings!

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