How To Turn Your Android Phone Into An iPhone X

Hello guys, In today's Post  I'm going to share with you guys how to transform your  Android Phone Into An iPhone X.The  price of  iPhone X cost $999 and most people want to know its features it has before they buy it. This tutorial will help you have an impression of  iPhone X on your  Android Phones. Banner


1.ii Launcher your can download it Here

2XOutOf10 your can download it Here

How To Turn Your Android Phone Into An iPhone X 
The below image is the look of my Android Phone...after installing the above requirement the look on my Android should change it iPhone X

Step 1: Download ii Launcher and install it, After installation the features of your Android apps should look like below which makes it look 50% of iPhone X

Step 2 : Download and install XOutOf10, now click on start...that's it now you have 
Turn Your Android Phone Into An iPhone X 

Now your Android Phone  app features should like the below 

Note:You Can Install CUSTOM ROM/ or if you have CUSTOM ROM installed you can re-arrange your Apps according to your desire

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