How To Converting your iTunes Card To Real Cash

Posted: 03 Oct 2017 04:41 AM PDT

Hello Guy's, Today i will be sharing with you How To Converting your iTunes Card To Real Cash the purpose of this post it to  avoid you guys from loosing your iTunes card to ripper, scammer and those who will take percentage, you can actually do it your self and get it all for yourself...So without taking much time let get started

Converting your iTunes Card To Real Cash

1: You have to get the valid iTunes card picture..

2: Go to , and create an account, then you will be given a bitcoin address for free.

and account and find a dealer with good exchange rate for bitcoins, he will ask you to send the picture of the cards online to him,if you're  exchanging $50 gift card you should get about $38 bitcoins.

NOTE: You can not get the exact worth of your cards in bitcoins.

4: when you send the card to the dealer online, the bitcoins are held in Escrow till the he confirms that your card if valid and the bitcoins is released.

5: when bitcoins is release you will see it directly in your account either on PAXFUL.COM or
LOCALBITCOINS, depending on the one you're using.

6: Transfer the bitcoin from there to the address you got at STEP 2 when you created the BITCOINS

7: Go to or and create an account, Add your payment info(Nigeria bank Account details) when you have created the account..

8: Then click SELL option, put the amount of bitcoin worth you have to sell and the amount
you will get in your bank account will be shown to you automatically and click ok.

9: or will generate a bitcoin address for you to send your bitcoins.

10: You have limited time to send the bitcoins or else the process will expire and you will have to do the STEP 8 and 9 again.

11: Immediately bitcoin is transfer to the address giving to you by or
you get your alert in your account... the whole process is safe and nothing to be scared about

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