Top Paying PTC and Comprehensive Sites

Posted: 28 Nov 2017 06:31 AM PST

Hello reader's, In today's post i will be sharing with you legit Paying PTC and Comprehensive Sites. 
There are some reasons behind this because it is  an easy way to earn money from PTC sites.

— Easy & Free Registration.      — No technical skills needed to work
— Can start to earn from Day 1. — Guaranteed payments on time

Spend a few minutes now to read this page thoroughly so that you will come to know
how this method works? Once you understood it will be so easy to earn money from this ways.

Before i begin with man topic for this article let take a look at :

1.) What are PTC sites?

2.) How do I get my payment?

3.) Three Important rules to follow?

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites simply means (Paid to click ) it's online program that pays people for viewing advertisements on their website.It is a simple process to earn money online without investment from home. A successful business model that paying most people around the world. There are so many PTC-sites out there in the market but we've picked only a few legit sites which are  paying  us since 2013.

How do I get my payment?

You are going to work for an online company whose exact location might be located at a far distance
from your location or sometimes even they operate from another country.
This causes issues in direct bank deposits and payments via cheque. All your payments will be paid
through PayPal,Payza and bitcoin depending on the type of website you are working on .

Three Important rules to follow

  • Register only one account in one PTC sites from your own computer
  • If you want your household members also to work on these PTC sites, you must buy a new computer and internet connection.

Top Paying PTC and Comprehensive Sites 

On line since 2007, great earning chances with high valued surveys and tasks everyday, 20% referral commission, $2 referral signup bonus after they earn $5.00!

On line since 2012, unique scriptamazing advertising plans, the most popular is $1 for 1000 views+5000 bonus views, also good for earning!

On line since 2004, earn both shares and cash, shares can be converted into cash everyday, 5-level referral system!

On line since 2005, fantastic PTR site, 10+ basic earning ways and offerwalls, low $1 payout, 5-level referral system!

On line since 2013, earn by promoting your PTP link, very simple! Also you can advertise your own page on this site!

On line since 2012, $0.05 payout for the first time, $0.035 bonus everyday for upgraded members!

On line since 2008, most famous PTC site, earn by clicking ads(every ad=three chances of adprize), doing mini job and completing offers!

On line since 2009, well managed site from trusted Greece admin, low payout!

 Top Paying Traffic Exchange Sites
Their ad system is carefully designed and will motivate members to really check out your ad, strongly recommend you to read their guide and you'll benefit a lot!

On line since 2003, the most popular TE site, 1:1 ratio, very useful promotion tool!

On line since 2007, also a popular TE site, 0.5:1 ratio(6 sec) or 1:1 ratio(20 sec)!

Free visitors and 100,000 points upon joining, 1:1 ratio, surf links to earn points to receive hits of your own site.

Hitleap Autosurf
On line since 2011, just download their software and it can automatically deliver traffic to your site, run it for 24 hours a day without interruption!

On line since 2002, very trusted auto-surf site from Germany, you can also earn by exchanging emails!


On line since 2016, Just install MyCashBar on your computer and it'll start earning points for you, 10 points = $0.01, points are converted to money every month!

 Top Paying Bitcoin Sites 

Just registered on this site and it can automatically make bitcoins for you (even if you are off line). You can claim bitcoins every 5 minutes, never miss it!

  • If you haven't owned a bitcoin wallet yet, you can create one in this site: Coinbase

Working on BTCclicks is very simple as we do on other PTC sites. The primary way to earn money on BTCclicks is by viewing advertiser's web page.

Win free bitcoin every hour,every time about 50 satoshi is guaranteed and the highest prize is about 0.05 BTC!

Similar mode to MoonBitcoin, you can convert litecoin to bitcoin by using CoinPot!

Similar mode to MoonBitcoin, you can convert dash coin to bitcoin by using CoinPot!

Similar mode to MoonBitcoin, you can enjoy yourself by playing games between two consecutive claim!

Claim bitcoin every 15 minutes and win up to 5,000 satoshi (average is about 50 satoshi), automatic 5% daily bonus!

Earn by BTC, PTP and bitcoin mining, 200 Satoshis per click and 10% per ref click!

On line since 2012, the oldest bitcoin PTC site, Earn 300+ Satoshi everyday!

On line since 2016, tons of ads everyday, 10 points are equal to 100 satoshi!

Other Paying Sites 

On line since 2010, stable site, trusted admin!

On line since 2005, famous paid to read email site, 6-level referral system!

On line since 2013, you can sell and buy referrals in their referral market!

On line since 2011, worldwide offers and surveys!

Manage 6 TE sites in one platform and get totally $12 sign-up bonus!
Online since 2009, shorten your links and promote them to earn money!

Online since 2010, shorten your links and promote them to earn money!

we will keep updating you on this article should any of the above Paying PTC and Comprehensive Sites change their terms of use.

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