What is Is SpaceMining Scam?

Posted: 15 Jan 2018 11:00 AM PST is a scam. Yep, we know that these kinds of companies pay few member at starting and that is also only to show the payment proofs so that they can lure more people into its scam and run away with the money of majority of members.

So, now maybe you are thinking why is a scam, well you can find that later within our SpaceMining review here, for that you don't have to search any other SpaceMining reviews. So, if you were searching for the reviews to find out what is Space Mining in real, either is scam or legit, then your search ends here because you will find out the complete truth about SpaceMining within our Space Mining review here.

OK, let's continue with our review in detail to find out what is SpaceMining in real and why is SpaceMining a scam.

Why is Space Mining a scam?

Space Mining is a scam due to the following reasons:-

1. The business model of SpaceMining is a combination of two illegal schemes and those are Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.

2. SpaceMining is a Ponzi scheme because it claims to pay its members up to 10% daily profit by using the investment of members in cryptocurrency mining, but fails to provide the proof of its physical location where mining is taking place. Actually, that is completely a bogus claim because, in reality, none of the legit cryptocurrency miners can guarantee such high rate of return in such a short period of time.

3. The only verifiable source of income that we can verify in SpaceMining is not other than the money invested by the affiliates. More than that, there is not any other verifiable source of income coming into the SpaceMining. So, this proves Space Mining can only pay existing members using the money invested by new members, same as other Ponzi schemes which can't sustain for a long run.

4. The pictures of CEO and other team members that SpaceMining has provided on its website and claims to be the real pictures of its team members are actually the pictures which can be purchased and download from You can purchase those images by following these links:- and If any company is providing the fake picture of their own team members, then you can decide yourself how much you can trust such company.

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5. Instead of providing the real owner details, SpaceMining has only provided the registered document from the UK Companies House. But, that is not a big deal because anyone can provide the fake details (such as fake address) to register a company in the UK Companies House.

6. SpaceMining claims to be in business from 2012 but if you check its WHOIS details and the registration document, you will find out it is registered at December 2017 which proves it is lying about its launch date just to attract the people into its scam.

7. The business model of SpaceMining itself proves it is a Ponzi scheme because if some company can pay up to 10% profit daily, then why that company has to collect the investment from several people to invest in their project by paying them 10% daily instead of simply taking a loan from a bank in much more lower rate, less than 1% monthly, means less than 112% in a year? So, their business model doesn't make any sense same as other Ponzi schemes.

8. SpaceMining is also a Pyramid scheme because it offers the referral commission up to 3 level downlines same like MLM (Multi-Level Marking) companies, but on the sales of its ROI Ponzi plans, not on the sales of any real products or services. So, if any company offers the referral commission up to multi-level downlines without selling any real products or services, then that company falls into an illegal scheme known as a Pyramid scheme.

9. In the past 1000s of similar kinds of sites have already scammed millions of money from many people. Some of them even get caught by the legal authorities. Involving with these kinds of companies is a crime and legal authorities have already marked these kinds of business models as a scam.

Aforementioned, now it is clear that SpaceMining Ltd is a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid with unclear owner details. So, SpaceMining Ltd is a scam.

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